Specs & Parameters
Design & Material Spec Sheets

Valid from March 2000

  1. Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking.

    MB-4000 Black

    Manufacturer: MB Manufacturing, Inc.
    1 Gwinnup Road
    Blairstown, NJ 07825
    Telephone: (908)-362-5588

  2. Composition/Information on Ingredients

    Chemical characteristics: Solid laminate made of glass fibers, epoxy resin and fillers cured under pressure and high temperature.

    Carcinogenic Substances: Neither the base product nor any of the additives are known to be carcinogenic.

    Fiberglass Nuisance Dust Exposure: OSHA PEL = 5 mg/m³ (resp): 15mg/m³ (total), ACGIH TLV = 5mg/m³

  3. Hazards Identification

    Dust from dry fabrication operations can sometimes cause mechanical irritation to skin and less frequently to eyes. Maintain normal good housekeeping. 

  4. First Aid Measures

    Contact with Eyes: This product is in solid sheet form. Always use proper eye protection when cutting or machining this material. In the event that dust or particles contact the eyes during subsequent machining or cutting, administer eyewash in same manner consistent with company safety policy and consult physician. The particles are not considered to be otherwise hazardous. Proper ventilation of fabrication dust is recommended. (see comments under #7)

    Inhalation: If dust from dry fabrication operations is not properly exhausted, a facial respirator mask should be worn for nuisance dust. (see comments under #7)

  5. Fire Fighting Measures

    Suitable Extinguishing Agents: Water, foam, dry powder, CO2, Halon

    In Case of fire, the Following Hazardous Gases can be Produced: CO2 and CO

    Special Protective Equipment: For major fires, self-contained breathing apparatus and personal protective equipment may be needed.

  6. Handling and Storage

    No particular requirements for handling or storage of this product.

  7. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

    General Protective Measures: No protective clothing is required for handling this product itself.

    Dust Generated During Machining: Correct industrial practice should be followed, with extraction equipment on the machine (extraction speed = 22 m/s). Alternatively, a dust mask should be worn. Safety glasses are recommended.

  8. Accidental Release Measures

    None Required

  9. Physical and Chemical Properties







    Black or Green

    Specific Gravity: 1.85

    pH Value: N/A

    Boiling Point: N/A

    Decomposition Temperature: >500°C

    Flash Point: N/A

    Ignition Temperature: N/A

    Explosion Hazard: N/A

    Vapor Pressure: N/A

    Solubility: Non Soluble in Water or Oil

    Partition Coefficient: N/A

  10. Stability and Reactivity

    Stability: Product is stable.

    Hazardous Reactions: No hazards known.

    Hazardous Decomposition Products:


    <7 g for 100 g of Durostone


    <60 g for 100 g of Durostone


    <0 g for 100 g of Durostone


    <0 g for 100 g of Durostone


    <0 g for 100 g of Durostone


    <.01 g for 100 g of Durostone
  11. Toxicological Information

    Remarks: According to experience, this product is considered to be harmless to health if handled in the correct manner.

  12. Ecological Information

    Disposal: This product can normally be disposed of as normal solid waste for landfills. However, we hold no liability for disposal of this product. It is the user responsibility to comply with all local and state laws for proper disposal. Always consult the local regulatory agencies for proper disposal. This product is not bio-degradeable.

    Remarks: The product is insoluble in water. Specific tests have not been run on this specific product, but it is not expected to be harmful to fish or bacteria. Always comply with local regulatory agencies for rules on proper disposal.

  13. Transport Information

    This product is considered non-hazardous and can be transported as such.

  14. Regulatory Information

    None specified. Always check with local authorities.

  15. Other Information

    The technical staff at MB Manufacturing, Inc. believes this information to be true and accurate for the normal and intended use of this product as of the date that this MSDS sheet was produced. Since we have no control over the actual use of this product, it is the sole responsibility of the user to determine the proper protection with regards to safety and disposal of this product. MB Manufacturing, Inc. further recommends consulting local regulatory agencies to determine applicable laws and regulations.

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