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In fact, it could be an opportunity.  Especially if your competitors are having difficulty too!  Come to MB!

MB Manufacturing design and develops adjustable and custom fixtures for wave and selective soldering, auto-insertion, pick and place, and other electronics production operations.

Our wave solder fixtures enable your wave solder machine to perform complex jobs typically done using slower selective soldering processes.

Conversely, our selective solder fixtures enable faster, surer soldering to tighter than typical tolerances, and a drastic drop in costly rework.

In these instances and other, a custom fixture from MB Manufacturing can extend the capability of the machine involved well beyond its originally intended purpose.  A MB fixturing solution can help you bid and win, when many might believe you can’t even compete.

Over 27 Years of Innovation

A leader in the electronics industry, providing unsurpassed expertise.

Quality assurance - Mission accomplished

We engineer, manufacture, and assemble all your custom PCB assembly tools.

Fastest delivery in the industry!

Our friendly staff is always available to assist you - 24 hour quoting.