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With MB Manufacturing’s continuous improvement strategy we have developed the ultimate selective solder fixture out of a combination of titanium and composite, incorporating the latest in flow technologies to eliminate skips and bridges on a selective solder pallet that will last for years in a high production environment.

Our Selective Wave Solder Fixtures increase productivity and reduce defects on your mixed technology boards.

This type of fixture protects your bottom side SMT components from excessive heat and eliminates the risk of loosing side SMT components in your wave solder machine. They also eliminate the need for taping or adding solder mask to the bottom of your PCB's.

Our unique designs will eliminate skipping caused by the effects of out gassing. Our high tech expertise in carrier design enables us to develop flawless selective solder fixtures.

Your wave solder machine can perform the task of a selective solder machine using our selective solder fixtures which saves you thousands of dollars on another machine. These fixtures are available in Titanium or composite materials or in a combination of both.

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