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Press Fit Technology is the process of choice for many electrical engineering applications.

Press Fit technology creates mechanically and electrically stable gaslight connections without the need for additional fastenings, soldering or thermal stress.

Press Fit technology has many advantages in the assembly of multilayer PCB’s, multiple connections, large format shields and bilateral placement.

MB Manufacturing has the tools and machines to give our customers the advantage in safety, quality, productivity and cost efficiencies.

MB Manufacturing has a complete solution to you Press Fit tooling requirements.

  1. PCB supports – Aluminum for low volume stainless steel for high volume.
  2. We also offer from a 460 lb. to 5 ton Air Press. The 5000MB complete with a precision Press Bar.
  3. A Conductive plastic protection bar is also included, to aid in connector protection.
  4. Dead stops are incorporated in the PCB support pallet to prevent the press from hitting the PCB when the protection Bar or connectors are not in place.
  5. PCB’s are accurately located on tooling pins.

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